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Change For Animals Foundation’s Indonesian partner FLIGHT continued their incredible work to protect birds from traffickers with an operation which rescued nearly 1,000 birds bound for songbird markets in the capital.


July 2019:


Just days ago, Change For Animals Foundation’s Indonesian partner FLIGHT stopped yet another illegal shipment of poached songbirds. 969 birds were crammed into 39 crates destined for songbird markets throughout the island of Java including the capital city of Jakarta. They would have spent the rest of their lives in tiny cages, never having been able to fly again. Thanks to our intervention, the surviving 951 birds were released back into the wild where they belong. 

“These birds are an essential part of Indonesia’s heritage and ecosystems and must be protected at all costs. We can’t allow them to be caged for life as songbirds, unable to fly or express basic natural instincts. No animal deserves that fate.” – Marison Guciano, Director of FLIGHT Indonesia,


Since beginning operations in 2018, FLIGHT has rescued over 10,000 birds who would otherwise have spent their entire lives in tiny cages.  

Another 969 Song Birds Rescued from Cruel Wildlife Trade in Indonesia

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