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The Desperate Plight of Captive Wildlife in Vietnam 


In Vietnam, many wild animals suffer every day confined in zoos and other facilities, such as centres where animals seized from the illegal wildlife trade are housed. The conditions in which they are held are often appalling, causing immense physical and psychological suffering to the animals.

Change For Animals Foundation believes that the keeping of wildlife in captivity for the purposes of entertainment is not ethically justifiable. However, where these facilities exist, we are prepared to work with them to improve conditions for the animals and their welfare. Where possible we encourage rehabilitation and release programmes so that the animals can return to their natural environment, though we recognise that for the majority of captive animals this is sadly not an option. 

By working collaboratively with these facilities, as well as wildlife experts and other animal protection and conservation organisations, CFAF is providing essential training to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to improve the lives of animals in their care.

Help end South Korea's cruel dog meat industry


Every year, an estimated two million dogs are slaughtered for human consumption in South Korea. As you read this, there are dogs suffering on dog meat farms, and in markets and slaughterhouses. They are scared, cold and resigned to their fate. Many are in agony from untreated injuries and disease. Yet they will undergo more pain and fear when their time for slaughter comes. No dog should endure this suffering.

Whilst some argue that eating dogs represents a cultural tradition, we believe that this can never be an excuse for cruelty and brutality. In South Korea, there is an ever-growing groundswell of concern and compassion for animals and their welfare. These people agree that traditions that cause suffering to living beings should not be exempt from criticism or change.

The time is right for us to take huge steps forward to end this industry. With summer soon approaching and the weather getting hotter, the demand for dog meat will be at its greatest. We must act now! Please give an urgent donation so that we can work in partnership with local and international organisations to bring an end to this intolerable cruelty. With your help, we will continue to raise the profile of the issue and change the opinions of those who defend the industry, gathering support for a ban. 

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