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In Bobby's Honour - we will never give up the fight to end Indonesia's dog meat trade

On the morning of August 28th we said goodbye to Bobby. It breaks our heart that he left this world too soon but he left having known love and with a name. And in his name, we will never give up until the dog and cat meat trades end throughout Indonesia.

We found Bobby sitting in a wire cage in a busy dog meat market in North Sulawesi whilst we were conducting investigations in December 2017. He was surrounded by scenes from a horror movie, and the terror in his eyes was haunting. We knew we couldn’t leave him. 


After he was rescued, Bobby was taken to our wonderful partner’s at Animal Friends Manado Indonesia’s (AFMI’s) sanctuary where, in time, he learned what compassion, love and joy felt like. He moved on from the horrors he had endured at the hands of the traders and truly loved life again.

“Bobby meant so much to all of us and represented what the campaign represented to me… fixing the world’s wrongs for all of those we can whilst we fight on to make sure no other dogs suffer like he did. I will never forget the way Bobby relaxed into my arms and looked out the car window as we drove him far away from the horrors of the market. He will forever be a very beautiful spirit and will always give us the strength and courage to never give up”


Lola Webber, Change For Animals Foundation Co-Founder

In Bobby’s honour, please help us to realise our shared dream and please take action today by making YOUR voice heard.

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