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Suzanne Rogers

CFAF Co-founder and Trustee

Following a degree in microbiology Suzanne worked in science publishing for 10 years - initially as a science journalist and later as the Managing Editor of Trends in Biotechnology. In her spare time she re-qualified in animal behaviour and welfare, gained extensive practical experience with several animal welfare organisations, worked as an equine behaviour consultant and founded Learning About Animals (educational events and consultancy).


Through extensive travel to developing countries Suzanne gained interest in transport animals and in 2005 joined the Board of the World Association for Transport Animal Welfare and Studies (TAWS), of which she is still an active member.

In 2007 she left her publishing career to become Programmes Manager of the Companion Animal Unit at the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) managing dog population projects and working equine projects. A key part of this role was to develop and test participatory methodologies – working within communities to lead to a change in the way people manage and care for their animals.


Suzanne led the move away from a heavy focus on mobile clinics in the working equine projects towards prevention through participatory approaches. To reflect the broad applicability of the approach to other species she became the Technical Advisor for Human Behaviour Change Programmes.

Suzanne is now an international consultant for animal welfare and human behaviour change.


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