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Ending Indonesia’s Dog and Cat Meat Trades: The Journey So Far

Since launching the Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition on the 2nd November 2017, with your ongoing support, we have achieved so much for Indonesia’s dogs and cats caught up in the unimaginably cruel and brutal meat trades. After years of agonising investigations and the compilation of reports and data, we knew we had all the evidence and information we needed to end these horrors for good!

The heartbreaking investigations helped us to raise the public and political support we needed, and gained us national and international celebrity support from the likes of Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Islan and Cameron Diaz. Our supporters from throughout Indonesia took to the streets in ever-growing numbers, and our voice was loud and clear in calling for a Dog and Cat Meat Free Indonesia!

The ever-growing support helped us build momentum with the government, and in August, the government made the announcement we had been lobbying so hard for: That that dog and cat meat are not recognised as food in Indonesia, and regulations must be passed to prohibit these trades that are cruel and dangerous! 

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And in November this year, we submitted the signatures of over 1 million people from around the world on the petition addressed to the government, calling on strong and urgent action to be taken to end these horrors…... And hundreds of our supporters again took to the streets in cities throughout Indonesia to make sure their voice was heard nationwide.

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