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Carla spent several years at the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) working as Legislative Affairs Manager, based at their international office in the UK. Prior to this she worked in a variety of roles with animals both through voluntary and paid employment and has extensive hands-on experience with wild, farmed and domestic animals. This knowledge of animal welfare and understanding of animal needs, helps her apply her legal skills to be able to specialise in the development of animal protection legislation in countries around the world through her current international consultant roles.



Carla Brown

CFAF Co-Founder


After years of carrying out voluntary work and fundraising for animal welfare organisations in her spare time, Carla decided to leave the media world where she previously worked and made the switch to work for an animal charity full-time.


While working as an RSPCA Inspector in the area of law enforcement she was able to see firsthand the impact of cruelty to animals, the need for proper education of the public with respect to animals’ needs and the requirement for adequate legislation and enforcement. This has driven her passion to ensure that legislative safeguards exist in every country of the world and that they deliver suitable protection to all animals, regardless of species.

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