Street dogs and cats

Dogs and cats live in almost every community around the world but while many are well cared for, animals that end up on the street live precarious lives and regularly suffer poor welfare; often lonely, hungry and suffering from injuries and disease. Change For Animals Foundation works with communities, local partners, national and local authorities and veterinarians, undertaking collaborative projects and campaigns that address these issues. We work to ensure dog and cat populations in these areas are managed humanely and the welfare of these animals is assured for years to come.

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CFAF and our partners Animais de Rua are undertaking a major dog and cat welfare project in Praia de Faro in the Algarve, Portugal. Over four years, the project will provide vaccinations, treatments and sterlisation for the animals and provide ongoing support to the community that will improve the lives of the animals on the Praia for years to come.

CFAF works very closely with our partners, Animais de Rua (AdR), supporting them across many aspects of their work. From supplying practical training for staff and volunteers on TNR to providing comprehensive organisational and capacity development support in areas including fundraising, the growth of their educational programmes, policy development and expanding their adoption programmes.

​UK Registered charity number 1148478


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