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The trade in dogs destined for human consumption throughout Asia, results in the suffering of tens of millions of dogs each year. All stages of the trade- sourcing, transport, sale and slaughter- result in unimaginable animal suffering. 

Street animals are a common sight in Portugal and often suffer from poor welfare, cruelty and neglect. We are working throughout the country to comprehensively improve the welfare of these cats and dogs by building the capacity of local organisations, providing training, supporting local communities, partnering with local vets and running on the ground projects.

Hundreds of thousands of wild animals are kept in captivity in zoos, safari parks and marine parks throughout the world, many living in the most appalling of conditions, suffering hugely, both physically and psychologically.

Many communities in Cambodia still rely on ponies as the main source of transport. Many of these ponies routinely suffer from exhaustion from being overworked, lameness, colic, injury, wounds and inappropriate care. We are working to encourage pony owners to change the way they manage and work their animals by reducing key welfare problems and preventing suffering. 

Whether dogs are purchased from a breeder or rehomed from an animal shelter, all dogs can struggle at times to cope with change and there are many avenues of support for pets and their owners.  CFAF is here to help!  

​UK Registered charity number 1148478


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