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Cinta's Story

“Cinta” means love in Bahasa and that is exactly what she represents to all of us… Here is her story…

December 2018

Cinta was brutally captured by dog meat traders in Sukabumi whilst our team was there conducting investigations. After being caught, she was tied up for two days with no food or water, and was so, so afraid. The traders pulled out the nails on her paws…. one by one – can you imagine the pain?


Cinta went through all of this trauma just so the traders could make a few dollars profit selling her to the dog slaughterhouse in Jakarta. But we just couldn’t leave her and had the opportunity to save her and two others – Samba and Manis.

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Photo 2.jpeg

Samba and Manis are now living with their loving forever families in Washington DC.

Beautiful Cinta is now living the life she deserves in Jakarta and is just a boundless source of joy and love.


Cinta is one of the lucky ones who survived the cruel and dangerous dog meat trade, and she will be celebrating Christmas this year with her family who loves her very much! 

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