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Great News from Gembiraloka zoo, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

November 2017: Immense public condemnation – from both within Indonesia and internationally – has resulted in the confirmed end of the use of animals in cruel performances at Gembiraloka zoo.


Previously, performances included otters pushing carts, photo sessions with orangutans and sun bears riding bikes. But these cruel and degrading acts that undermine the promotion of conservation and respect for wildlife have all have been discontinued and replaced with educational talks by zoo keepers about the lives of each animal in their wild habitats, whilst the animals are left in their enclosures undisturbed.


An officer at the zoo informed our partners at Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group that these changes came about after immense public protest through social media.


Huge thanks to each of you for making your voice heard for animals, and to our wonderful partners at Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group and Animals Asia!

The animals are now left undisturbed in their enclosures whilst zookeepers give educational talks to visitors about the animals in their wild habitats.

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