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Hanoi Zoo hosts the official opening ceremony of the new elephant enclosure with the elephants off chains

8th August 2015


This week saw the opening ceremony of the new electric fence system at Hanoi Zoo’s elephant enclosure, allowing the elephants to finally wander in the grassy enclosure after years confined by chains. This is a major achievement for the collaborative efforts of Change For Animals Foundation, Animals Asia and Wild Welfare to improve the conditions for the animals housed in captivity in Vietnam.

The three elephants have until now spent the vast majority of their lives constricted by one metre-long chains attached to their ankles. The chains had been worn for so long, that many of the elephant’s legs carry constant scars.


Whilst we believe that the keeping of wildlife in captivity for the purposes of entertainment is not ethically justifiable and encourage rehabilitation and release programmes wherever possible, we recognise that for the majority of captive animalsthis is sadly not an option.


We are working hard to lobbying for the development and implementation of national and region-wide legislation for all captive wild animal facilities, incorporating animal welfare standards and compulsory inspection and licensing.To provide immediate relief for many animals, CFAF is supporting the placement of teams of captive wildlife experts to work with wildlife-holding facilities in Vietnam to provide training for staff on how to improve the lives of the animals in their care, including the building and maintenance of enrichment structures and routines.

Find out more about this project here >>>

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