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Hero's Story

In 2016 and 2017, we spent endless months conducting investigations into Indonesia’s brutal dog meat trades. On one particular day, we had the chance to save one dog … A dog we named “Hero”. As a “breed” dog, our undercover investigator took the opportunity to convince the trader that he wanted to take Hero, without blowing his cover. The trader accepted the offer, not realising that to us, Hero was priceless! But not because of his weight on the scales or because of his genetics, simply because his life matters. To us, Hero has come to symbolise hope for all those we are fighting for, and for those we were unable to save.

After intensive therapy at the wonderful Jakarta Animal Aid Network’s veterinary clinic, Hero has learned to walk again and is going from strength to strength, and he is adored by everyone who meets him. He loves attention and nuzzles you incessantly for strokes and gentle words.

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