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The Interception of a Truck Carrying Thousands of Cats Destined To Supply Vietnam’s Illegal Demand for Cat Meat, Hanoi 


Many of you may have seen in the news that the Vietnamese authorities intercepted a truck illegally carrying thousands of cats sourced from China to supply Vietnam’s restaurants on the 29th January.


A statement on behalf of ACPA


“There remains no official response as to the fate of the cats that were apprehended on a truck in Hanoi, Vietnam. We have heard conflicting and equally inhumane stories as to how they may have been destroyed. Our request for any visual evidence of their fate has been denied. While we have offered our assistance in treating the cats and finding them homes – we must now assume they have all been killed, most likely in an inhumane fashion."

“The police officer who apprehended the truck deserves great credit. Beyond that the system has horrifically failed these animals - from border to burial. 


“The trafficking and sale of these animals must be stopped as does the selling of cat for meat and the practice of inhumane killing of trafficked animals.


“This must be a wake-up call and be the start of positive change. ACPA and its constituent NGO’s are ready and willing to help the authorities make sure this is never repeated through the implementation of training and development of systems.


“Working alongside the authorities and law enforcement, together we can build a framework that will lead to a humane response when these kind of situations occur. Between us we can eradicate this illegal practice and ensure law enforcement officials are never left in this situation again.

“Vietnam has shown with its work to eradicate the cross-border trafficking of live dogs that it can move swiftly and efficiently and with compassion for animals. For this, everyone involved deserves great credit.  We need to ensure this standard of response becomes the norm and that Vietnam consistently demonstrates a humane response in all future animal emergencies.”


ACPA comprises Animals Asia, Change for Animals Foundation, Humane Society International and Soi Dog Foundation acting both locally within Asia and internationally. 

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