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Lola Webber (BSc hons, MSc)

CFAF Co-founder and Trustee

Based in Bali, Indonesia, Lola leads on CFAF’s campaigns to end the dog meat trades throughout Asia and our project work to improve the lives of wildlife in captivity in Vietnam.


Living, volunteering and working in several countries have provided Lola with an understanding of the complex issues associated with animal welfare and the importance of being able to communicate the ethical, scientific and cultural aspects to different audiences.


Lola’s previous experience includes volunteering at a chimpanzee rehabilitation centre in the national park of Haut Niger, Guinea, West Africa and at several small animal shelters in India. 

After finishing her Master’s degree at the Royal Veterinary College in London, Lola spent 3 years working for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) as Campaign Co-ordinator, developing and delivering the campaign to end the dog meat industry in South Korea, managing WSPA’s involvement in the anti-fur campaign, and contributing to the development of WSPA’s priority ‘Red Collar Campaign’ to end the inhumane culling of dogs.


Her determination to end the dog meat trades began after witnessing the brutality of the trade first hand in 2011; and with a Masters in Wild Animal Biology, Lola is equipped with the knowledge and passion to promote high welfare standards for wildlife in captivity where the need is greatest.


After three years living in Singapore, Lola is now based in Bali with her family, including her two lovely rescue dogs and CFAF’s beloved ambassador dog, Django.

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