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Raising Awareness of Indonesia’s cruel Dog and Cat Meat Trade in London 

19th June 2018:

In May, more than 90 global and Indonesian celebrities – including Cameron Diaz, Simon Cowell, Ricky Gervais, Leona Lewis, Courtney Cox and Ellen DeGeneres – signed onto the Dog Meat Free Indonesia Coalition’s letter to the President of Indonesia, joining us in our calls for urgent action to be taken to end the cruel dog and cat meat trade.


The letter to President Widodo reads: “We were horrified by the findings of nationwide investigations by the Dog Meat-Free Indonesia coalition, documenting the horrific reality of the trade: more than one million dogs and cats are transported throughout Indonesia to supply markets, slaughterhouses and restaurants. These animals, many of them stolen pets, are subjected to crude and brutal methods of capture, transport and slaughter, and the immense suffering and fear they must endure is heartbreaking and absolutely shocking.”

On the 19th June, we delivered a copy of the letter to the Indonesian Embassy in London, alongside our Dog Meat Free Indonesian coalition co-founders, our wonderful Ambassador Peter Egan, the brilliant Bill Bailey and his rescue dogs from Indonesia, and the very special Blue Staffy! 

With momentum growing around the world and throughout Indonesia, our voices are getting louder!


Indonesia is a country of world-renowned natural beauty, but the recent exposure of its cruel, brutal and dangerous dog and cat meat trade by the Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition requires immediate action to safeguard animal welfare and public health & safety.

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