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Urgent appeal: These dogs desperately need your help to save them from the dog meat traders

Can you help fund much needed veterinary care and flights for these dogs who can be saved from the dog meat industry TODAY?

As you read this, there are millions of dogs suffering on dog meat farms and in markets and slaughterhouses, bred and killed to supply South Korea’s demand for dog meat. 

“Throughout their short lives, dogs caught up in the dog meat industry are never shown anything but brutality. The indifference to their sentience is incomprehensible. I have been told countless times that dogs raised and slaughtered to supply South Korea’s dog meat industry are “soulless”, that this is their “destiny”. But I have met these dogs. I have looked them in the eyes and I see their soul and, more poignantly, I see their fear.” Lola Webber, CFAF co-founder and programmes director.

The boknal days are fast-approaching. These are the three hottest days of the summer - when dog meat soup (bosiintang) is favoured and hundreds of thousands of dogs are brutally slaughtered. The urgency to save lives could not be greater.


Whilst we campaign tirelessly to end the whole industry, we cannot forget that the greater suffering consists of millions of individual lives, all of which matter.

Whilst in South Korea last week, CFAF was asked by a dog meat farmer to visit her farm. She and her husband explained that they would soon be closing their farm. Housing over 200 dogs, it is a typical dog meat farm… Rows and rows of dogs in barren cages, all pawing desperately at the bars that imprison them. We have seen the dogs being taken to markets and we know the horror and barbarity that awaits these animals.


The farmer asked if we would take some of the dogs to give them “a good life”. She pointed at a cage of dogs housing a mother and her four puppies and another cage that contained a beautiful dog, desperately barking, “Look at me!”. She said that the adult dogs had been given to her because their owners no longer wanted them. CFAF is going to do our best to help the other dogs on the farm, but if we are going to save these six individual lives then we have to act now – before the farmer changes her mind, or is offered cash for them – before the opportunity goes.


Please help us fund the costs to fly these dogs to the U.S. so that, at least for these six dogs, we can make it better. At least for these animals we can say that we know we have won right now. We are never going to give up the fight to end the dog meat industry in South Korea and we know we are winning the war, but please help us let this battle be over for these six beautiful dogs who have the only opportunity they will get to know love.

  • £15 could help us to pay for food for these dogs


  • £25 could contribute towards vaccinations and veterinary costs for these dogs


  • £60 could help us pay for transport crates to bring these dogs to the US


  • £200 could help assisit with the immediate care of these dogs upon arrival to the US 


  • £500 could help pay for flights to bring these dogs to the US

Will you help us make sure these dogs reach their forever homes in the U.S.?


These dogs six dogs have been vaccinated and we're in the process of planning their transport to the U.S. We know these dogs are only days away from their forever homes. But we desperately need funds to pay for their flights and to push forward this campaign even more, so that one day, very soon, the dog meat industry will end.


We know that the tide is turning in our favour in South Korea, with the demand for dog meat decreasing and animal protection activism increasing. Help us to keep the pressure on the South Korean government and to continue to raise the profile of the issue to ordinary people, so that we can change the opinions of those who continue to defend the industry and bring dog meat to a permanent end.


You have the opportunity to help save the lives of these dogs today. Please make today count.


These dogs are waiting for us in South Korea. We made a promise to come back for them, so that they would know what a gentle hand feels like and that they would experience a life free from cages and fear. We can so easily heal the broken bodies and souls of these beautiful dogs and find them loving homes.


Please donate today to help us end the dog meat industry NOW for these dogs!

Or you can donate your own amount here:

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By clicking on one of the donation options you can donate via your debit or credit card. The donation will simply be processed by PayPal to guarantee online security.


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Thank you!

Six Precious Lives Saved

On the 26th May, thanks to the amazing support and generosity of Change For Animals Foundation’s supporters, six dogs were rescued from the dog meat industry in South Korea. This video is their story and is a tribute to people around the world who make this life-saving work possible, and to all those dogs who will we never give up on.

Roo, Annie, Abbie, Rufus, Harry and Rami have now arrived safely in the US and will soon be in their forever homes, living the lives we dream of for all the dogs still waiting for their moment of reprieve. We will never give up until the dog meat industry ends.

The beautiful six are now thriving in the US! Huge thanks to the Animal Welfare league of Alexandria for taking in these very special dogs and for giving them all the love and care they desperately needed

Your donation will help Change for Animals Foundation to directly improve the lives of animals, including those suffering in the dogmeat trade

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