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Vietnam: Commitment for Collaborative Efforts to Tackle the Illegal Traffic in Dogs to Supply the Dog Meat Trade

10th March 2018:

The Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA) – founded by Change For Animals Foundation, Animals Asia, Four Paws and Humane Society international – hosted a workshop over the weekend in Ho Chi Minh City with 10 local animal welfare groups from throughout Vietnam to discuss and develop a collaborative strategy to tackle the illegal trafficking of dogs to supply the nation’s brutal dog meat trade.


Entitled “Workshop Supporting Law Enforcement To End Dog Trafficking”, all groups pledged their support for an exciting plan to help support the Vietnamese government in its quest to stop the illegal, cruel and dangerous trade, affecting an estimated 5 million dogs per year!


We believe that by uniting our voice s and resources, and by working with the government, we can achieve the greatest impact for the animals in such desperate need for change.


We will soon be submitting our official proposal to the government that will outline practical and collaborative activities to target the trade and to secure public and political support for an end to this horror.


This is a huge breakthrough and we will be sharing more updates soon!

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