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the Welfare of Wild Animals Kept in Captivity

In Vietnam, many wild animals suffer every day confined in zoos and other facilities, such as centres where animals seized from the illegal wildlife trade are housed. The conditions in which they are held are often appalling, causing immense physical and psychological suffering to the animals.
















Change For Animals Foundation believes that the keeping of wildlife in captivity for the purposes of entertainment is not ethically justifiable. However, where these facilities exist, we are prepared to work with them to improve conditions for the animals and their welfare. Where possible we encourage rehabilitation and release programmes so that the animals can return to their natural environment, though we recognise that for the majority of captive animals this is sadly not an option.


By working collaboratively with these facilities, as well as wildlife experts and other animal protection and conservation organisations, CFAF is providing essential training to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to improve the lives of animals in their care. 



The demand for training and support to improve the welfare of wildlife housed in captivity is growing, but we need your support to fund it. Please make a donation today. 



Our current focus is at Hanoi Zoo and the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Centre, with the aim that these facilities can set a good example for the rest of Vietnam to follow. The first stage of our initial project to improve the welfare of their captive animals has come to an end, and we have already seen significant steps forward, with tangible improvements to many animals’ lives. For example, despite limited resources, Hanoi Zoo has seen its clouded leopard and macaque enclosures improved hugely through the introduction of specifically designed animal enrichment programmes, and the Zoo’s management has agreed to extend the enrichment programme to their bear and tiger enclosures.


However, our assistance is already in demand in other parts of the country. We have been approached by several facilities across Vietnam asking for staff training and assistance towards improving the environment and management of the animals for which they have responsibility.



But we need your help to continue this crucial project! 

With your donation we can carry on improving the lives of hundreds of wild animals in captivity:

  • £14 could help us to provide the resources needed to improve animal enclosures


  • £22 would contribute towards developing materials needed for crucial keeper training 


  • £35 could help us run training workshops to equip keepers with the skills and knowledge needed to provide the best welfare for the animals in their care.  



Or you can donate your own amount here:






Please give a donation today to help CFAF continue to work with our partners in Vietnam to make positive and lasting change for animals. With your generosity we can end the suffering of hundreds of captive wild animals throughout Vietnam.


Your donation will help us to expand our programme to provide the training and resources needed to improve the lives of hundreds of wild animals.



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