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Working Together to End the Exploitation of Wildlife in Indonesia

On the 11th March 2017, Change For Animals Foundation was in Jakarta to co-host and sponsor a training workshop with our partners at Animals Asia and Scorpion. By providing training to the wonderful staff and volunteers at Scorpion who work throughout Indonesia to conduct ongoing monitoring of zoos and other wildlife ‘facilities’, we know that we will be stronger in gathering the evidence we need to strengthen our calls to end the exploitation of wildlife in the name of entertainment in zoos and safari parks throughout the country.


We will continue to lobby the authorities for the strengthening and enforcement of laws to safeguard the welfare of wildlife in captivity, and to end abusive practices, such as animal performances. By gathering up-to-date evidence, we can also continue to raise public and political awareness of the plight of wildlife in captivity, encouraging a more compassionate and empathetic attitude towards all animals.


We have big plans to continue and expand our collaborative efforts with Animals Asia and Scorpion to make real and lasting change, but we need YOUR support!


If you haven’t already done so, please sign and share Scorpion’s petition calling on the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to ban all cruel animal attractions in Indonesia.

Special thanks to Scorpion’s amazing team of dedicated and passionate staff and volunteers who are committed to ending animal cruelty in Indonesia… And huge thanks to each of our supporters who enable this work to happen.

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