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​​What is CFAF's position on dog meat?



Change For Animals Foundation opposes the production and consumption of dog meat.


All stages in the production of dog meat - farming, transport, sale and slaughter - are inherently inhumane, severely compromising the dogs’ welfare.

Dogs are not suitable for meat production because their behavioural and physical needs are unable to be met in a farming system. For a dog meat farm to address even the dogs’ most basic needs, including the provision of adequate food, water, environment and veterinary treatment, the industry would not be commercially viable. In addition, the dogs would need to be humanely transported, handled and killed but the price of dog meat could not sustain the cost of such a specialist production system. 

The argument that regulation of the industry would resolve the systematic cruelty involved or alleviate all the risks posed to human health is unsubstantiated. Even if the appropriate infrastructure were in place to allow for effective regulation, the remaining necessity for economically viable practices would fail to ensure acceptable welfare standards for the dogs, resulting in immense suffering. Regulation would only serve to lend legitimacy to this inherently inhumane industry.

Without an enforced ban on dog meat production, there will be no end to the large-scale commercial farming of dogs in South Korea. Regulation or legalisation of the industry would be catastrophic for animal welfare in South Korea and could set a dangerous precedent for other countries where dog meat is consumed.

Copyright: Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA)

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