Ending the Dog Meat Industry in South Korea

Please help us end South Korea's cruel dog meat industry

Change For Animals Foundation is working towards ensuring public, political and industry support for an end to the dog meat industry in South Korea. 


Every year, an estimated 2 million dogs are farmed and slaughtered for their meat and other products in South Korea. There are thousands of dog meat farms throughout the country, varying in size from small backyard enterprises to large-scale intensive farming systems, housing thousands of dogs.


Dogs on these farms are forced to endure the most profound indifference to their suffering, dignity and most basic needs – all in the name of ensuring good profitability for the farmers. On the farms, dogs are often kept crammed in row after row of barren cages, and left to stand on metal bars for their entire lives, fed on leftover food waste, and offered little protection from the burning hot sun in the summer or freezing conditions of South Korea’s winter.


Such conditions fail to accommodate even their most basic physical or mental needs, resulting in a high prevalence of disease, injury and abnormal behaviours. However, these dogs will never receive any veterinary care or relief from life in a cage. Not until their time comes to be taken to markets, slaughterhouses and restaurants.


Whilst dog meat consumption is often defended as ‘tradition’ or ‘culture’, in more recent years, its production has proliferated for commercial reasons, and, alongside the significant animal welfare concerns associated with the industry, there is a mounting body of evidence that suggests that the production and consumption of their meat also poses a substantial risk to human health. Yet, despite the significance of the dog meat industry in South Korea, it operates either illegally or in breach of animal protection or disease control and human health regulations

Another fifty dogs rescued in South Korea

In February, Change For Animals Foundation was in South Korea to assist Humane Society International with the rescue of fifty dogs from a dog meat farm.


Read more about the closure here >>>


Our Work to End the Illegal Dog Meat Trade in South Korea

Change For Animals Foundation is committed to securing a ban on the dog meat industry in South Korea - to end an inherently cruel industry that causes an immense amount of animal suffering.


In partnership with local and international animal protection organisations, CFAF is committed to:


  • Dispelling the widely-held belief that there are two ’types’ of dogs in South Korea- ‘meat dogs’ and ‘pet dogs’. There is only one ‘type’ of dog - all dogs are equally worthy of protection and compassion.


  • Dispelling the perceived health benefits associated with dog meat consumption by highlighting the human health risks associated with its production and consumption.


  • Disproving the widely-held belief that today’s dog meat industry is part of South Korean culture.

Creating Models For Change


South Korea is the only country in the world known to commercially farm dogs to supply the demand for dog meat and associated products, and yet the trade is widely considered shameful and distasteful.


The government struggles to negotiate the issue between local animal groups, local dog farmers and vendors, and the international community.

We are committed to working in collaboration with various stakeholders- including those whose livelihoods are currently dependent on the industry- to ensure that the dual goals of protecting animal welfare and the implementation of alternative livelihood opportunities for those currently reliant on the industry are achieved.



There are many farmers that want to leave the industry due to remorse, family and societal shame about the practice, or because of low profitability. By working with these farmers who have expressed a desire to end their involvement in the industry, we can create “models” that can be replicated throughout the country with the right governmental support. 

We need YOUR help!


The demand for dog meat is decreasing in South Korea as animal protection activism begins to constitute a mainstream societal issue. With the upcoming Winter Olympics in 2018, the country is in the global spotlight. This represents a unique opportunity for South Korea to show the world that animal welfare is important.


With your help, we will continue to raise the profile of the issue. We will change the opinions of those who continue to defend the industry, gather support for a ban and eventually halt the supply and demand of the trade.


Our voice is becoming louder and our determination and commitment are resolute – the tide of opinion is turning against the industry. CFAF will continue to fight this cruelty until all dogs are saved from the suffering being endured by millions every year.

For more information about the dog meat industry download our FAQ here

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Django was born on a dog meat farm, just outside Seoul. Classified as a 'meat dog', his only value to the world was measured on scales. But Django was a lucky one.


Django was rescued from life on a farm and his impending slaughter. He is now being provided with the love and care he so desperately needs to mend his broken soul and body. Django may be just one of millions of dogs destined for consumption, but he is hope.


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