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Every year in Vietnam, over 5 million dogs and cats fall victim to the cruel traders and slaughterhouses. Stolen from the streets and even from people’s homes, they are trafficked long distances to supply markets, restaurants and slaughterhouses.

While both cats and dogs suffer tremendously at the hands of the traders, cats tend to be silent victims of an equally brutal trade that receives far less attention despite the rise in popularity across the country. Our ground breaking investigations in 2019 in partnership with Four Paws International revealed the scale and extent of these silent victims.

Once a relatively small-scale and opportunistic, localised trade in the North of the country, today’s cat meat trade consists of complex international and trans-provincial trading networks spanning distances of over 1,000 km, connecting holding areas to restaurants and slaughterhouses, and generating significant profits for those involved.  Cat meat, referred to in Vietnamese as ‘thịt mèo’ or ‘little tiger ’, is now available throughout Vietnam, and the inherent cruelty and suffering endured by the over one million cats involved in the trade each year is immeasurable.


During the investigations, we visited the Northern city of Thai Binh which is known as ‘the cat meat capital’ of Vietnam due to its thriving cat meat trade. We met with a lot of people involved in the trade, but there was one person who expressed deep remorse and guilt for his involvement in the dog and cat meat trade, Mr. Duong.

He owns a restaurant and a slaughterhouse where he keeps, kills and processes mainly cats, but also dogs. He reached out to Change For Animals Foundation and FOUR PAWS and emphasised his desperation to get out of the dog and cat meat trade and to convert his business into one not related to any use or abuse of animals.


In December, we hope to close this business for good, and rescue all animals on-site!

Rescued cats and dogs will be immediately taken for urgent medical care. They will then be transported to partner charities of the Cats Matter Too coalition – PAWS for Compassion and Vietnam Cat Welfare – before being adopted into loving, forever homes.

Your support is key to making this happen.

With your help we can close this slaughterhouse and restaurant, saving hundreds of dogs and cats each year, and give the rescued animals a life that they deserve.

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