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Ricky Gervais and Peter Egan join campaigners calling for Indonesia to close down its Live Animal Markets

As the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to cause global chaos, sickness and fatalities, Indonesia is reporting its first human infections. International and Indonesian celebrities have joined forces with campaigners from the Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition to call on the Indonesian government to take action to close its cruel and filthy live animal markets to safeguard human and animal health and welfare. 

Vietnam’s cat meat trade is brutal. Every year, an estimated 1 million cats are captured and stolen from the streets and people’s homes, trafficked thousands of kilometres to holding areas, restaurants and slaughterhouses. They are beaten and drowned, to be served as “Little tiger” in restaurants nationwide. 


In 2019, Change For Animals Foundation and FOUR PAWS conducted investigations throughout Vietnam to document and ultimately expose the scale and cruelty of this largely hidden trade. What we found was truly shocking, and the looks of absolute terror of cats peering from cages as they sat and wait their turn to be slaughtered will haunt us forever. Many were still wearing collars…

You can download a copy of our investigative report here and our press release here.

Their suffering is unimaginable. We will never give up until this horror ends.

FOUR PAWS and Change For Animals Foundation and our local partner groups in Vietnam have created the “Cats Matter Too” coalition to tackle the horrors of the cat meat trade. Together, we will ensure legislation is passed and enforced explicitly banning the trade, slaughter and consumption of cats, and sales of cat meat.

We will continue to:  

  • EXPOSE the cruelty and illegality.

  • Lobby national and international stakeholders.

  • Lobby the provincial and central government of Vietnam.

  • Recruit national and international supporters to join us in our calls for ACTION until our voice is so loud it cannot be ignored!

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Victims of a Hidden Trade –

Ending Vietnam’s Cat Meat Trade


“By the time cats are scheduled for slaughter, many have been without food and water, for days, trafficked under horrific conditions.  When being removed from the cage individually by hand to be placed in a wire net to be drowned, the investigator noted, the cats barely struggled … they looked so exhausted and frightened they simply could not fight anymore. The net was then dragged across the concrete floor out of the building and taken to pond where they were unceremoniously thrown into the water [to be drowned]” 

– Investigator

Cats are suffering in silence, and they need YOU to be their voice…

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Vietnam's cats are counting on you 

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