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Ending the Exploitation of Wildlife for Entertainment in Indonesia 

Throughout Indonesia, thousands of wild animals suffer every day confined in wholly unacceptable zoos and other wildlife-holding facilities, many further exploited for humiliating and cruel performances and as “photo props”.

In collaboration with Animals Asia, Movement To End Animal Circuses in Indonesia, and Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, Change For Animals Foundation is committed to raising public and political awareness of the plight of wildlife in captivity, encouraging a more compassionate and empathetic attitude towards all animals.

By gathering up-to-date evidence to expose the exploitation and suffering of wildlife housed in zoos and safari parks throughout the country, we can continue to effectively lobby the authorities for the strengthening and enforcement of laws to safeguard the welfare of wildlife in captivity, and to end abusive practices, such as animal performances.


We have big plans to continue and expand our collaborative efforts with Animals Asia and Scorpion to make real and lasting change.

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