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About Change For Animals Foundation

Change For Animals Foundation works to achieve impactful and lasting change, tackling some of the most pressing animal welfare issues of our time. This requires changing hearts and minds, policies and laws. We recognise how hard it can be to bring about this kind of change, but that’s no reason not to try. It takes time, tenacity, determination and passion, but we will always strive for that change, and will seek out new innovations, alternatives and approaches that can take us towards our goals.  


We know that our efforts alone can never be enough, and that real change comes from working together in partnership. Partnerships with people, communities, organisations, institutions and governments. Where there is collaboration, there is a shared sense of purpose and we believe that by supporting each other we can change the world for animals, the places they call home and the communities they live alongside, for the better. 

Our vision

A world that believes that the life and welfare of every animal matters.

​Our mission
To make change where possible and fight for change where it seems impossible. 

Our aims

  • To be leaders in animal welfare and offer our expertise to any organisation, institution or government that seeks positive change for animals.

  • To inspire and deliver powerful and effective campaigns, projects and advocacy for animals around the world.

  • To empower local people and organisations to help change policies, attitudes and behaviours that will improve the lives of animals in their own communities.

  • To create an environment where no animals need to be rescued in order for them to have the freedom to live their own lives free from cruelty, exploitation or suffering.

  • To transform our society to one where the importance of animals and animal welfare is ingrained.

Our values​

  • To ensure that all our decisions and actions are guided by sound animal welfare principles and that the welfare of animals is paramount.

  • To ensure that all our policies and practices are founded on the highest ethical principles.

  • To work in partnership and ensure that all our interactions with partners are fair, respectful and considered.

  • To hold ourselves accountable for everything we do and every decision we make. 

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