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Improving the Welfare of Wild Animals Kept in Captivity

Whilst CFAF maintains that the keeping of wildlife in captivity for the purposes of entertainment is not ethically justifiable, where wildlife holding facilities do exist, we believe it is important to improve conditions for the animals to ensure the highest welfare standards possible. In the case of rescue centres, the animals will often remain in these facilities for the remainder of their lives, as reintroduction back into the wild may not always be feasible. Providing the best possible care for those animals is therefore of primary concern. CFAF is committed to working collaboratively and in partnership with animal protection organisations and facilities housing wildlife to make positive and lasting change for animals.

Case Study:

Improving the Welfare of Wild Animals Kept in Captivity- Vietnam

Between 2013- 2014, Change For Animals Foundation worked in partnership with Animals Asia and leading experts in captive wildlife care to improve the welfare of wild animals housed in zoos and government-run rescue centres, set up to accommodate animals confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam.


By joining forces with wildlife enrichment experts and key stakeholders, CFAF worked to train local staff in appropriate animal management, focusing on the need to provide environmental enrichment to minimise physical and behavioural problems associated with restrictions and stresses linked to a life in captivity.

In addition to ensuring practical improvements for the lives of individual animals through training, we also co-Sponsored the “shape of Enrichment workshop”, and co-hosted a director’s forum in Hanoi to discuss the need to protect the welfare of animals housed at captive wild animal facilities in Vietnam- such as wildlife rescue centres and zoos- with the Vietnam National Agriculture University, Animals Asia and Wild Welfare.


We are delighted that this vital work is being continued by our friends at Animals Asia and Wild Welfare and will continue to offer support and assistance.

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