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Dog Meat Free Indonesia Coalition Issues an Open Letter to the Governor of North Sulawesi Calling for an End to the Dog and Cat Meat Trades

1st April 2019:

As a founding member of the Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI) coalition, we have issued the open letter below to the Governor of North Sulawesi calling for action. The cruelty and dangers of these trades require immediate and urgent action to safeguard animal welfare and public health & safety!

We also need your help!

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Dear Governor Olly Dondokambey,


The Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition would like to bring to your attention the risks the trade in dogs and cats for human consumption throughout the province of North Sulawesi. We have already presented to you and the authorities of Manado, Tomohon, and Minahasa Regency evidence of the extreme cruelty and the illegality of the trades, from pet theft to illegal movement of animals across provincial borders, and the sale of rabies positive dogs.


North Sulawesi Province continues to have some of the highest numbers of human deaths attributed to rabies in Indonesia – with a majority of those cases where there are a number of “traditional markets” trading in live dogs, cats and other animals. The link between the dog meat trade and the rabies transmission as well as the presence of rabies-positive dogs sourced and traded for human consumption has already been demonstrated by published data.


The dog and cat meat trades are operating illegally and cause so much suffering and risks to public health & safety, yet it goes unchallenged by the authorities! The World Health Organization already stated that one of the causes of the spread of rabies in Indonesia is the dog meat trade. Yet no action is being taken to end this illegal trade, putting millions of people in danger!


Please help put a stop to this and TAKE ACTION to ban the dog and cat meat trade into and within North Sulawesi UREGNTLY!

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