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Richie Kul

CFAF Celebrity Ambassador

Actor, model, and animal activist, Richie Kul has starred in a number of independent films and has modeled extensively in the U.S., Asia, and Europe, appearing in international campaigns and fashion editorials for Swatch, BlackRock, Nivea, GQ, Samsung, Chevrolet, Vaute Couture, Men’s Health and NOHARM.   


A devoted vegan and proud animal parent, Richie is firmly committed to sharing with friends and fans the many virtues and benefits of going cruelty free and living in harmony with our animal friends. 

In enlisting to be CFAF’s first celebrity Ambassador, Richie is proud to join forces with an organization he feels embodies and shares the ideals he holds sacred – compassion, sincerity and steadfast integrity. Having helped raise funds and fronted awareness campaigns to draw attention to the dog meat and fur trades in Southeast Asia and Korea, Richie is eager to further this work in partnership with CFAF and together help awaken hearts and minds along the way. 

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