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Vietnam slaughterhouse rescues

When we closed a dog and cat meat slaughterhouse and restaurant in Thai Binh, Vietnam in December 2020, we were able to rescue 20 cats and 5 dogs. Here are some of their stories so far... 


Just days after Lovebug's rescue she gave birth to seven perfect kittens. All are all doing well with our partners at Vietnam Cat Welfare and are set for a very happy new year.

Love Bug is so affectionate and proving to be a great mama, and is thriving with all the much-deserved TLC she is receiving.


Just days after her rescue, Harmon had already found her forever home after she stole the heart of a supporter and was adopted on the spot!


Binh was a very lucky, last minute rescue from our dog and cat slaughterhouse closure in Vietnam last month. She was delivered for slaughter just hours after we had closed the facility and removed all the animals to safety. But, true to his word, the restaurant owner immediately called our team and booked a private vehicle to take Binh to join the other 20 rescued cats and 5 dogs. When asked the owner to name her, he named her Binh, after his wife.

She's now enjoying life again and looking for her forever home thanks to our Cats Matter Too coalition partners.


Dogs like Ringo were kept in small, filthy cages waiting to be killed on demand. Ringo was most likely a stolen pet, just like so many of the 5 million dogs and 1 million cats slaughtered every year in Vietnam.

But fortunately for Ringo, and all the other dogs and cats who were rescued, they are all now safe with our partner groups in Vietnam receiving all the care they need until they find their forever homes.

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