A New Beginning 23 Dogs Rescued from a Dog Meat Farm, South Korea

In January 2015, Change For Animals Foundation worked alongside Humane Society International in South Korea to secure the closure of a farm raising dogs destined for human consumption.

A total of 23 dogs were rescued from a life of suffering on a dog meat farm just outside Seoul, where their entire lives were spent in small, metal cages. Now in the United States, HSI has coordinated the temporary care and rehoming of all 23 dogs, giving them a second chance at life with loving new families.


By working in partnership with the farmer, we secured the removal of the dogs, marking the permanent closure of the farmer’s dog farm. The farmer has signed an agreement to end all involvement in the dog meat industry and to focus on growing crops as a more humane way to make a living.


As Change For Animals Foundation’s Programmes Director Lola Webber explains: “This has been an amazing opportunity to work with HSI to implement a key component of our anti-dog meat campaign to support industry workers to move on to humane alternatives. Knowing that the world has changed for these 23 dogs means a great deal to us and everything to them!”


Find out more about the dog meat industry in South Korea >>>


This is just one part of an ongoing campaign to end the dog meat industry in South Korea, and we will continue to lobby for legislative change, promote compassion for all dogs, and support the identification and implantation of alternative.


​UK Registered charity number 1148478


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