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Asia’s Brutal Dog Meat Trades

The dog meat trade is arguably the most severe companion animal welfare issue in the region. Whilst dog meat is consumed in several regions of the world, the availability of dog meat is most widespread in Asia, where the welfare concern is greatest due to the large numbers of dogs being stolen from owners, taken from the streets or sourced from farms, transported long distances and inhumanely slaughtered. Conservative estimates suggest that over 30 million dogs are farmed, traded and slaughtered for human consumption in Asia alone each year. However, wherever the dog meat trade occurs, it is either illegal or its production takes place without specific regulation, so accurate statistics regarding the number of dogs slaughtered are impossible to obtain.

Numerous investigations throughout Asia have documented the severe cruelty inherent in all stages of the dog meat trade- farming, sourcing, transport, sale and slaughter.

The theft of dogs by criminal gangs to supply the demand for dog meat is also an ever-growing problem in many countries in the region, including Vietnam and China. Stolen pets and dogs collected from the streets and rural communities are then transported to the cities on filthy, overcrowded trucks, posing a significant risk to rabies and other communicable disease transmission

Change For Animals Foundation is committed to supporting efforts to end the cruel dog meat trade in recognition of the severe and inherent animal suffering, as well as the grave concerns for both human health and safety.

Please Help us Raise Vital Awareness of the Plight of Millions of Animal Caught up in the Cruel Dog Meat Trade


Around the world, millions of dogs are snatched off the streets every year and thrown into unimaginable horrors at the hands of cruel dog meat traders. Animals are routinely rammed into tiny cages so roughly and so tightly that their limbs are often injured and broken, only to be taken to markets, slaughterhouses and restaurants.  Raising awareness worldwide to bring this trade to an end can only be helped if animal lovers worldwide unite in calling for an end. have created an infographic documenting some of the key facts on this horrific commercial trade.

Please help us to raise vital awareness of the cruel dog meat trade by downloading and sharing it far and wide!

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