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Please Join the Growing Global Movement to End the Dog Meat Trade in Indonesia!

Every year, millions of dogs are brutally transported throughout Indonesia to supply the demand for dog meat. Many are stolen family pets and illegally trafficked. They are crammed into cages and sacks so tightly that they can barely move - their mouths bound shut. They are taken on long journeys to supply markets, slaughterhouses and restaurants. Once there, they watch others being killed in front of them whilst they wait for their turn.

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“Dogs are snared by dog catchers and thieves, bound into sacks with their mouths bound close with rope... Most dogs are in this position for a minimum of 48 hours.”  


                       Undercover investigator, 2017

“I didn’t know the magnitude, literally millions of dogs are slaughtered for food in Indonesia every year. It has to be condemned, and we have to stop it. Now that you know, please help us help them, thank you.”


                                                            Ricky Gervais

“Right now, tens of thousands of dogs are suffering in ways I can hardly imagine. Please support us for our cause, for a dog meat-free Indonesia.”


                                                        Joanna Lumley

As a founding member of the Dog Meat-Free Indonesia Coalition, we are committed to ending the dog meat trade in Indonesia but we need YOUR help!


Please click here to sign and share the Dog Meat Free Indonesia Coalition’s petitions calling on the Indonesian government to ban the trade in, and slaughtering of dogs, and consumption of dog meat throughout Indonesia, and to close the cruel live dog and cat meat markets.

“Indonesia’s dog meat trade is responsible for the unimaginable suffering of millions of dogs each year, and I stand side-by-side with the Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition, and those groups and individuals working tirelessly every day, in calling for an end to the cruel and dangerous dog meat trade.


Together, we will reach our ultimate goal – and dream – of ensuring all dogs are protected from the brutality and cruelty inherent in the trade, and are afforded the respect and protection from cruelty they so desperately need and deserve”


                                                                  Peter Egan

The collaborative “Dog Meat-Free Indonesia” campaign was founded by Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Change For Animals Foundation, Animal Friends Jogja and Humane Society International, in recognition that our impact is greatest when we work together. 

With your generosity we can end the suffering of the millions of dogs currently suffering in the dog meat trade throughout Indonesia.

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