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5th September 2018, Jakarta:

Throughout Indonesia, increasing numbers of wild-caught dolphins are being held captive in hotels, zoos and in cruel circuses under deplorable conditions.

As well as cruel travelling circuses, dolphins are suffering in hotels and at tourist attractions, forced to perform humiliating tricks and to swim with paying visitors. Despite claims that the dolphins in resorts or ‘sea pens’ are rescued from circuses or from entanglement in fishing nets, sometimes awaiting rehabilitation for the wild, the reality is that these dolphins are caught to supply the lucrative trade. They are captured to be sold to commercial operations, fueled by people’s desire to see these amazing animals up close. However, life in a swimming pool is miserablefor these highly intelligent animals.

Indonesia is the only country which still allows dolphin travelling circuses, when other countries have banned them. They travel hundreds of kilometres, by trucks, boats and airplanes and are confined in small highly chlorinated pools, to perform at various locations. 

Dolphins Deserve Better

Many scientists believe dolphins should be given “human rights” for their high intelligence and behaviour, according to “American Scientific” magazine, as they’ve been shown to demonstrate consciousness, self-awareness, individuality and tool use. It is morally unacceptable to remove dolphins from the wild for a life in captivity.

Committed to Ending these horrors

Change For Animals Foundation is committed to ending the cruel exploitation of these beautiful animals.

We are raising vital public awareness of the animal welfare issues associated with the captive marine mammal industries globally and discouraging tourists from unintentionally supporting this type of exploitation, Change for Animals Foundation is committed to banishing Indonesia’s dolphin travelling circuses to the history books.

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By working closely with our local partner groups such as FLIGHT, and locally-led coalitions such as “The Movement to End Animal Circuses in Indonesia”, we are supporting on-the-ground efforts to decrease attendance and popularity of such attractions – including monthly protests and other public awareness and media events – and political lobbying so as to ensure:

  • The closure of the legal loophole that allows dolphin circuses and commercial facilities to have and exploit ‘rescued’ animals.

  • The immediate confiscation of all captive dolphins to be sent to sea pens for rehabilitation.

How you can help

  • NEVER swim with dolphins or take part in dolphin-assisted therapy sessions.

  • DON’T book rooms at hotels that have captive dolphins.

  • DON’T use tour operators that book tours to marine parks, sea pens, etc.

  • WRITE to your local Indonesian Embassy to call for a ban on dolphins in captivity in Indonesia.

  • REPORT places that house dolphins, or other cetaceans (whales, porpoises etc.)

Ending the Exploitation of Dolphins for Entertainment Attractions in Indonesia

Imprisoned and Forced to Perform

Throughout Indonesia, captive dolphins are confined in small tanks or swimming pools containing chemically treated waterthat can contain dangerous levels of chlorine. In some cases, dolphins have suffered eye damage, skin disorders and a decline in overall health due to poor water quality. 

Dolphins rarely live as long in captivity as they might in the wild. Their shortened lifespan may be caused by being fed inappropriate foods, and ingestion of foreign objects like glasses, coins and even cigarettes tossed into their tanks. 

The captive-dolphin industry would like you to believe that dolphins love to perform, but this isn’t true. In fact, it’s just a job to them. They’re trained to perform and are paid in food. 

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Campaign victory!


As of the 5th February 2020, the World’s LAST Traveling Dolphin Show has ENDED!

Finally, after years of campaigning by national and international organisations  like our dear friends Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), these cruel shows have ended! 


The circus’ permit expired and the government has promised not to renew or extend the permit so these shows are now a thing of the past.

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It took years of tireless dedication from animal activists, countless protests, meetings, investigations, and tears… But finally, this cruel exploitation of dolphins – and sun bears, cockatoos and otters – is over and never again can they promulgate the message that animals are here for our entertainment.

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We will continue to support those working in Indonesia and around the world to end the exploitation of all cetaceans cruelly exploited in captivity.

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